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CDMO Services
Hepalink operates its fast-growing CDMO business through two of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Cytovance and SPL, to seize growth opportunities in the global biopharmaceutical industry while supporting the clinical development of the company’s innovative drugs.
Cytovance Biologics, Inc.
A CDMO platform providing end-to-end services related to mammalian cell culture, microbials, cell and gene therapies, and mRNA products.
SPL Acquisition Corp.
A CDMO platform specializes in the development and manufacturing of naturally derived pharmaceuticals.
Cytovance Biologics, Inc.
In 2015, Hepalink completed its acquisition of Cytovance Biologics, a leading biotechnology company specializes in the development and manufacturing of large molecule biologics.
    • -Located in the state of Oklahoma, United Stated
    • -Over 300 employees
    • -Specializes in recombinant and naturally derived large molecules and gene therapy products
    • -Developed over 170 large molecule biologic products targeting 15 therapeutic areas
    • -In 2020, began manufacturing key enzymes to support the mass production of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines
SPL Acquisition Corp.
In 2014, Hepalink completed its acquisition of SPL, the largest manufacturer of heparin sodium APIs in the U.S.
    • -Located in the state of Wisconcin, United States
    • -Specializes in the cGMP production of biopharmaceutical products, and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of heparin sodium, pancreatin, and pancrelipase APIs.
    • -Provides CDMO services in Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)-compliant manufacturing of heparin derivatives, natural products extraction, fermentation and purification.