We Invite You to Join the Diverse Global Team at Hepalink

And to Grow with Us as a Team

Career Development
Talents are essential to Hepalink’s sustained growth and competitiveness. We firmly believe in the notion that a company’s success and its employees’ personal fulfillment are inseparable. The rapid growth of the business provides abundant opportunities for our employees to best realize their potentials through diverse career paths and development programs. In orchestration with our talent management, we also offer a wide variety of competitive benefits.

Talent acquisition and management at Hepalink is designed to support the company’s business strategy and organizational development.

Hepalink’s core competency system includes commitment to our corporate values, ability to deliver results, and the ability and potential to grow. Commitment to Hepalink’s corporate values is a fundamental requirement to all employees. Meanwhile, the company is committed to developing high-potential talents who can consistently deliver outstanding business results and advance their capabilities. Hepalink’s talent development and incentive system greatly value track records of frontline operational experience and success. The fast business expansion at Hepalink has presented exciting career development opportunities. We encourage employees in key positions to rotate in different functions and fields in order to broaden their skillsets and deepen their expertise in our business. We seek to achieve organizational agility through the continuous optimization of our organizational structure and the performance of individuals and teams.
Career Development Paths at Hepalink
A Diverse System of Compensations and Benefits
Long-Term Incentives
  • Restricted Stock Options
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • Retention Bonus for Key Talents
Short-Term Incentives
  • Performance-Based Bonus
  • Bonus for Overachievements in Growth/Revenue
  • Project-Based Incentives
  • Salary
  • Dual-Channel Promotion Related Raises
  • Annual Company-Wide Pay Raise
Other Benefits
  • Training: On-job training, internal & external training programs, participation in global projects, etc.
  • Activities: Company-wide team-building, intra-departmental team-building, interest groups, etc.
  • Perks & Supports: Accommodation subsidies for out-of-town employees, holiday gifts, meal subsidies, phone bill subsidies, subsidies for transportation after OT, etc.
  • Housing Assistance: Employee dormitories, company-owned apartments, housing subsidies, public rental housing, etc.