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Product Profile
Our heparin products include APIs and injections. Hepalink’s enoxaparin sodium injection is globally recognized for its quality, and has thus far sold over 540 million doses in Europe1.The product is currently being sold in over 40 countries and regions including the U.S. and the EU, and has been included into national insurance programs in all 13 member countries of the EU, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

1.Based on 2017-2023 statistics from IQVIA database
API Products
Finished Dose Products
Heparin Sodium
Heparin sodium is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) derived from the small intestine mucous membrane of healthy pigs, and it is the most effective and widely used anticoagulant in the world.
Enoxaparin Sodium
Enoxaparin sodium is a kind of sodium salt after the degradation of heparin. It is the most popular product among all LMWHs. Enoxaparin sodium is a gold standard antithrombotic drug. It was first launched in the European market in 1987, then in North America in 1993. To date, several hundred million patients in more than 100 countries have been administered enoxaparin sodium injection.
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